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Our latest book on reflection

This book, which connects research and practice in the area of teacher development, shows how (student) teachers can learn from practical experiences in a systematic and inspiring way. It provides practical models and guidelines for reflection. It outlines various levels of reflection and shows how a deeper form of reflection, called core reflection, enhances awareness of professional identity and mission, and helps to overcome inner obstacles. This is particularly important for enhancing social justice and empowering a diverse student population.
With many examples and exercises, the latest insights into reflection are brought to life. The book describes a variety of instruments and working structures that have been shown to be effective for professional growth. It also discusses how a trajectory for reflection can be designed in which (student) teachers develop the reflection competence and become motivated for self-directed professional growth. The book also discusses the roles of university-based and school-based teacher educators in supporting reflection in (student) teachers.
This unique book fills a gap by bringing clarity into an area where many practitioners are struggling to enact the promises of professional reflection. It inspires a fresh look at reflection, showing new directions for teacher education and professional development.

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