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Publications by Fred Korthagen - key articles

Key articles

Browning, T.D. & Korthagen, F.A.J. (2021). The winding road of student teaching: Addressing uncertainty with core reflection. European Journal of Teacher Education. Link    If you wish to receive the complete article, please let us know through the contact page.

Ruit, P., Korthagen, F., & Schoonenboom, J. (2019). The impact of working with core qualities on primary school pupils’ wellbeing. Educational & Child Psychology, 36(3), 7-17. Download pdf

Korthagen, F.A.J. & Nuijten, E.E. (2018). Core reflection: Nurturing the human potential in students and teachers. In J.P. Miller, K. Nigh, M.J. Binder, B. Novak, & S. Crowell, International Handbook of Holistic Education (pp. 89-99). New York/London: Routledge. Download pdf

Visser, L., Korthagen, F.A.J. & Schoonenboom, J. (2018). Differences in learning characteristics between students with high, average, and low levels of academic procrastination: Students’ views on factors influencing their learning. Frontiers in Psychology, 9, Article 808, 1-15. Read article

Visser, L., Schoonenboom, J. & Korthagen, F.A.J. (2017). A field experimental design of a strengths-based training to overcome academic procrastination: Short- and long-term effect. Frontiers in Psychology, 8, Article 1949, 1-12. Read article

Korthagen, F.A.J. & Nuijten, E.E. (2017). Core reflection approach in teacher education. In: J. Lampert (Ed.), Oxford research encyclopedia of education. New York: Oxford University Press. Online Publication Date: Sep 2017 Read article

Korthagen, F.A.J. (2017). A foundation for effective teacher education: Teacher education pedagogy based on theories of situated learning. In D.J. Clandinin & J. Husu (Eds.), The SAGE handbook of research on teacher education (pp. 528-544). Los Angeles: Sage. Download pdf

Korthagen, F. (2017). Inconvenient truths about teacher learning: Towards professional development 3.0. Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice, 23(4), 387-405. Download pdf

Korthagen, F.A.J. & Evelein, F. (2016). Relations between student teachers’ basic needs fulfillment and their teaching behavior. Teaching and Teacher Education, 60, 234-244. Download pdf

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Zwart, R. C., Attema-Noordewier, S., & Korthagen, F. A. J. (2015). A strength-based approach to teacher professional development. Professional Development in Education, 41(3), 579-596. Download pdf

Voerman, L, Meijer, P. C., Korthagen, F. & Simons, R. J. (2015). Promoting effective teacher-feedback: From theory to practice through a multiple component trajectory for professional development. Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice, 21(8), 990-1009. Download pdf

Korthagen, F.A.J., Attema-Noordewier, S., & Zwart, R.C. (2014). Teacher-student contact: Exploring a basic but complicated concept. Teaching and Teacher Education, 40, 22-32. Download pdf

Korthagen, F. A. J. (2014). Promoting core reflection in teacher education: Deepening professional growth. In: L. Orland-Barak & C. J. Craig (Eds), International Teacher Education: Promising pedagogies (Part A) (pp. 73-89). Bingley, UK: Emerald. Download pdf

Voerman, L., Korthagen, F.A.J., Meijer, P. & Simons, R.J. (2014). Feedback revisited: Adding perspectives based on positive psychology. Implications for theory and classroom practice. Teaching and Teacher Education, 43, 91-98. Download pdf

Korthagen, F.A., Hoekstra, A. & Meijer, P. C. (2014). Promoting presence in professional practice: A core reflection approach for moving through the U. In O. Gunnlaugson, C. Baron & M. Cayer (Eds.), Perspectives on theory U: Insights from the field (pp. 77-96). Hershey, PA: Business Science. Download pdf

Voerman, L., Meijer, P.C., Korthagen, F.A.J. & Simons, R.J. (2012). Types and frequencies of feedback interventions in classroom interaction in secondary education. Teaching and Teacher Education, 28, 1107-1115. Download pdf

Key articles, continued

Attema-Noordewier, S., Korthagen, F. & Zwart, R. (2011). Promoting quality from within: A new perspective on professional development in schools. In: M. Kooy & K. van Veen (Eds.), Teacher learning that matters: International perspectives (pp. 115-142). New York: Routledge. Download pdf

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Hennissen, P., Crasborn, F., Brouwer, N., Korthagen, F. & Bergen, T. (2011). Clarifying pre-service teacher perceptions of mentor teachers' developing use of mentoring skills. Teaching and Teacher Education, 27, 1049-10-58. Download pdf

Crasborn, F., Hennissen, P., Brouwer, N., Korthagen, F. & Bergen, T. (2011). Exploring a two-dimensional model of mentor teacher roles in mentoring dialogues. Teaching and Teacher Education, 27(2), 320-331. Download pdf

Hoekstra, A. & Korthagen, F.A.J. (2011). Teacher learning in a context of educational change: Informal learning versus systematic support. Journal of Teacher Education, 62(1), 76-92. Download pdf

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Korthagen, F.A.J. (2004). In search of the essence of a good teacher: Towards a more holistic approach in teacher education. Teaching and Teacher Education, 20(1), 77-97. Download pdf

Korthagen, F.A.J. & Kessels, J.P.A.M. (1999). Linking theory and practice: Changing the pedagogy of  teacher education. Educational Researcher, 28(4), 4-17. Download pdf